How to start franchise business in Ukraine?

How to start franchise business in Ukraine?
How to start franchise business in Ukraine?

Buying franchise is a simple and fast way to start your business. Start uppers minimize their risks buying the right to implement business model of recognized brand. Franchise is developed in many business spheres: retail, production, services. This gives an opportunity to open a shop, bakery or coffee shop with relatively moderate investments.

For newcomers this model of cooperation provides certain advantages: reasonable investments, short payback period and partner’s help while opening an outlet and further work. Necessity to meet chain standards and quality requirements are regarded as disadvantages. That is why success of this business to a big extent depends on chosen company.

How to choose a reliable franchisor?

Having decided to start franchise business assess all the offers in these sphere. Compare companies based on the following criteria:

  • Life span of the brand;
  • Quantity of operating franchises;
  • Amount of lump sum and royalty;
  • Amount of investments for opening;
  • Average payback period;
  • Actions to support franchisee;
  • Strategy of chain development.

AROMA KAVA company has been operating for seven years. It is more than 350 outlets with unified standards, concepts, loyalty program. Outlets are located in 45 cities of Ukraine. This is the most popular coffee franchise in the country. Lump sum is UAH 75,000.00 (during quarantine UAH 25,000.00) and monthly royalty – 2% from income. Amount of investments and payback period depends on the format of the outlet. We offer 4 variants of franchise: coffee island in a shopping mall, coffee kiosks (without entrance) and two formats with seats different in area. 

AROMA KAVA franchisee receive ready-made business model with full-fledged algorithm for opening an outlet. At every stage of work from selection of location to organizing an opening, our personal manager provides support.  You receive base of recommended suppliers, branded goods and authors desserts. To meet the chain standards we train and provide apprenticeship for staff and check qualifications.

How to open own AROMA KAVA coffee shop?

First, choose a format. We offer to open a small coffee island XS (6-9 м²) with fragrant drinks, desserts, pastries. Alternatively, coffee kiosk without entrance S (6-15 м²). For those who wants to open a cozy café with seats we offer format M, 50 м² in area. The biggest format is L, up to 150 м² in area where drinks, pastries and desserts are served.

Having chosen the format start looking for premises. Our partners from real estate agency will help to find the best location for business. After that personal manager will estimate amount of investments required for repairs and equipment of the premises. You will receive project designed for your location. This is interior visualization with comfortable zoning, lightning and power distribution plan.

Further, you will need to purchase furniture, equipment and décor. We will organize delivery of desserts, coffee, branded products: plastic dishes, sugar, napkins, and packs. You will receive uniform and stoneware dishes with company’s logo. We will help in staff recruitment and training. Apprenticeship in operating outlets will prepare your employees for work. Our startup team will prepare all necessary for successful opening of your outlet. Therefore marketing specialists will make sure that as much as possible of potential clients will hear about your outlet. 

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